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L'intersigne Livres anciens was created in Paris in 1985 by Alain Marchiset who already had a solid professionnal experience in rare books and who became in 1992 a member of the Compagnie Nationale des Experts. L'intersigne bookshop is now recognised as a worldwide reference in its fields of specialisation.
 It is now situated near La Rochelle.

L'Intersigne Livres anciens specialises in rare, old and curious books on ancient and human sciences, occult, and more particularly alchemy, freemasonry, philosophy, psychiatry, medicine, magnetism, criminology, sects, sexology, fantastic, utopia, conjuring, games and oddities.


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n°164 Sciences anciennes & occultes

n°164 Sciences anciennes & occultes

Catalogue de livres anciens et rares sur les sciences anciennes, les sciences occultes, la médecine, la psychiatrie, le magnétisme, la physique, la chimie, l'alchimie, la philosophie, la franc-maçonnerie, les religions, les jeux & les curiosités ...

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