Un pionnier de la psychiatrie anglaise

HASLAM (Dr. john) Observations on madness and melancholy, including practical remarks on those diseases; together with cases: and an account of the morbid appearances on dissection...The second edition considerably enlarged London, Printed for J. Callow, 1809, in 8°, de VIII-345pp. 3ff. de cat. éditeur, une figure à pl. page, cart. papier marbré moderne genre ancien, rares rousseurs, cachet de bibliothèque médicale. Bon exemplaire.

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Observations on madness and melancholy
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Observations on madness and melancholy

Seconde édition très augmentée, la meilleure, de ce livre pionnier dans l'histoire de la psychiatrie anglaise. John Haslam (1764-1844) was an Apothecary at Bethlem Hospital (known as Bedlam), beeing the oldest, largest and best-known asylum for the insane. He was one of the most knowledgeable practitioners in his field, and distinguished himself in private practice by his prudent treatment of the insane. He was more careful than any of his predecessors in the investigation of mental diseases, and did some very accurate descriptions. In this second edition of his work on "insanity" he included a detailed description of a case which is one of the earliest and clearest recording of what would be later called schizophrenia. He held that melancholia and mania were two aspects of a single disease, and describes 37 illustrative cases. His observations contains his records of autopsies performed on insane patients, including what may be the first description of syphilis in the brain. Haslam's book dominated English psychiatry for a generation and was frequently cited by Dr. Pinel. ¶ Garrison-Morton n°4794 " Haslam was among the first to describe general paralysis..." - Hunter & Macalpine, p.632

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