YOUNG (George, M.D.) A treatise on opium, founded upon practical observations London, printed for A. Millar, 1753, pet. in 8°, de XV-182pp. 1f., demi-veau brun moderne genre XVIIIe, dos lisse à filets dorés, plats papier marbré, bel exemplaire frais.

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A treatise on opium
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A treatise on opium

Edition originale. C'est le grand traité du 18e siècle en langue anglaise sur l'utilisation médicale de l'opium, et un des tous premiers traités sur l'opium après "the Mysteries of Opium Reveald" de 1618 et le "Apiologia" de 1700. Young expose le fruit de 30 années d'utilisation médicale de l'opium sur ses patients, les dangers dune utilisation excessive, et l'usage dans certaines maladies mentales comme l'hystérie et la mélancolie. ¶ Blake p.497 - Wellcome V.481 - Hunter & Macalpine p.395. "In the 18th century the laity as well as the profession used opium freely for all kinds of conditions and diseases in various preparations such as tincture of laudanum, mithridatium, diascordium, theraiacum or Venice treacle, and paregoric. It had, wrote Young 'got into the hands of every pretender to practice, and is prescribed every day not only by many charitable and well-meaning ladies, but even by the too officious and ignorant nurses'. Its abuse had reached such proportions that by it 'great numbers are daily destroyed; not, indeed, by such doses as kill suddenly ..... but by its being given unseasonably in such diseases and to such constitutions for which it is not proper'. For this reason Young set down his experience with opium during 'more than 30 years uninterrupted practice', from which is quoted his advice concerning its use in psychiatric disorders."

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