Le fondement de la méthodologie en chimie organique

CHEVREUL (Michel Eugène) Considérations générales sur l'analyse organique et sur ses applications, Paris, chez F.G. Levrault, 1824, in 8°, 2ff. XXI-256 pp., 1f. d'errata, demi-veau vert époque, dos lisse orné, rousseurs et qq. taches en marge sinon bon exemplaire.

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Considérations générales sur l'analyse organique et sur ses applications
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Edition originale rare. Cet ouvrage se situe dans la continuité de ses travaux sur les corps gras et pose les bases fondatrices de la méthodologie en chimie organique. ¶ D.S.B. III p. 243 "Following the completion of his investigation of natural fats, Chevreul wrote a work of a more general nature, Considérations générales sur l'analyse organique (1824), which is a reflection on the many years of research with organic materials. Here Chevreul considered the methods of research in organic chemistry, methods that he himself used with such success in his investigations. The primary analytical problems were how to determine whether one had a pure substance or a mixture and how to resolve the frequently complex animal or plant material into its immediate principles. It was Chevreul who placed this immediate analysis on a rigorous basis. He considered the methods used in handling natural products, in isolating pure substances from them in unaltered form, and in recognizing their purity. He gave precise criteria for what constituted a pure organic compound and presented for the first time a clear and accurate account of the methods of immediate analysis that must necessarily precede elementary analysis.'' - En Français dans le texte n°237 "prolongement plus méthodologique de ses recherches (sur les coprs gras)..."

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